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Men’s views of prostate cancer diagnosis and care

Data from the Victorian Prostate Cancer Registry showed differences in care and poorer rates of survival for men diagnosed with prostate cancer in one Victorian regional area compared with men in metropolitan Melbourne. To gain an understanding of the reasons … Continue reading

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Trial shows long-term mortality for localised prostate cancer is low even if not treated with surgery

A previous shorter follow-up of the PIVOT trial found no significant difference in mortality between men who underwent surgery for localised prostate cancer and those treated with observation only. This finding was confirmed in a longer term follow-up (up to … Continue reading

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Declining sperm counts in western men

The question of whether sperm counts have been declining over recent decades remains controversial. Many studies of varying quality have been done in a wide variety of populations but none have provided a definitive answer. A study published in Human … Continue reading

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The influence of early life on children’s lifetime health: a research study

Are you interested in how early life events may influence the lifelong health of children? Researchers at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute are conducting a study exploring people’s views of the interaction between genes and environment, and about testing that … Continue reading

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Have you had chemotherapy and want to help research?

Researchers at UNSW Australia are seeking volunteers who have received neurotoxic chemotherapy (that is, chemotherapy that can cause damage to the nerves) as a treatment for cancer to complete an online survey. Through this survey, we hope to better understand … Continue reading

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Sexual health over 60: Do you talk to your doctor? Does your doctor talk to you?

Discussion of sexual health with a GP is seen as routine for younger adults, but this is not the case for older people. However, research has found that many older adults would value the opportunity to discuss sexual health with … Continue reading

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Use of MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis

The evidence for the use of MRI in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer has been building. However, more studies are needed to assess the accuracy of including MRI in the diagnostic process as compared to current diagnostic practices. … Continue reading

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What causes male infertility?

In about half of infertile couples the problem lies either solely with the male or in both the male and female partners. However, the cause of infertility in the male partner is often difficult to determine and many men are … Continue reading

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Male birth control injections prevent pregnancy

A new study co-authored by Director of Andrology Australia, Professor Rob McLachlan, takes us one step closer to male hormonal contraception. Men have been limited in the role they can play in birth control due to the lack of effective … Continue reading

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Finasteride and the risk of sexual dysfunction: results from a large UK patient database

A possible side effect of 5-α reductase inhibitors is sexual dysfunction and some men, particularly those being treated for alopecia, report that sexual dysfunction continues after the withdrawal of treatment. However, there is little robust evidence to quantify the risk … Continue reading

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