The Andrology Australia Orchidometer

Andrology Australia OrchidometerThe orchidometer is a medical device for qualified health professionals to measure testis size in the clinical setting.

The Andrology Australia orchidometer is a sequential series of 15 beads ranging from 1 to 35 mls. The number of beads can be altered to suit the individual needs of the health professional.

Andrology Australia Orchidometers are available to health professionals and health services. We are unable to supply organisations using them for promotional purposes.

The Andrology Australia orchidometer is available for purchase.

GPs that complete all case studies in one ALM will receive a complimentary Andrology Australia orchidometer. (Only one orchidometer per person – restricted to Australian residents only).  More information regarding the ALM is here.

The original Andrology Australia orchidometer was developed with financial support from Bayer Schering Pharma as an unrestricted educational grant.

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