Men’s Health Week

A huge thank-you to everyone who participated in Men’s Health Week 2017 and ordered our popular themed resources to promote men’s health and well-being.

During MHW 2017, over 38,000 themed flyers and almost 2,000 posters were distributed to over 400 organisations across Australia. Due to the popularity of the resources, the flyers and posters are now available (as hard-copy and download) without the men’s health dates. You can use these resources for any men’s health promotion activity at any time of the year.

We have two themes:

“If men can talk about match fitness” (of sportsmen)… Why is it sometimes hard to discuss their own health?

“If men can look after their families”… Why is it sometimes hard to look after their own health?

Both resources provide a wonderful opportunity for men to recognise the importance of their health and to visit the doctor for any health concerns.

Order your free resources

Order your free men’s health resources today.

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Download and print resources

You can download and print the Men’s Health Week posters and double-sided A5 brochures (without dates).

Poster: Family Brochure: Family

Poster: Cricket Brochure: Cricket

Share your men’s health promotion stories

We love hearing about what’s happening in the community. Please continue to share your men’s health stories with us via social media. Twitter @AndrologyAust or Facebook facebook.com/AndrologyAustralia

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